This month’s Dream Villager has an article about the “Robo-Signers” and how one individual was known to sign 10,000 foreclosure papers a day. But there is also the Robo-Lawyer.

The Robo-Lawyers are in the business of suing anyone and everyone, particularly small business owners who don’t have the money and time to deal with frivolous suits from lawyers.

These small business owners want to create JOBS instead of filling out forms, paying for lawyers, and giving depositions.

The fact is, doesn’t matter what, one can always sue for some technicality and hold up all kinds of business. Lawyers are overdoing lawsuits regarding building permits, new products, and old products. Let’s figure out a way to stop these Robo-Lawyers.

Renter Nation America is coming!

Look at what has happened to the credit system for mortgages. The mortgage loan system is changing into a system that is totally controlled by the government. And you know who is paying for that—the taxpayers. All the while, the banks and Wall Street are making big bonuses. And the politicians of Washington will not stop this.

Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to President Obama, said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner (aka “Tiny Tim”) put this thought into practice as he took over banks, mortgage companies, student loans, and car companies which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

The government will destroy the credit and mortgage system so all of us can now rent from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forever. Wow! The American Dream Re-defined.

No Fair Trade with China

Yes, China is manipulating their currency, using mostly “Slave Labor,” providing illegal government subsidies, enforcing few safety regulations or environmental controls. China is succeeding in destroying jobs in America. China must balance trade with America with a level playing field.

Bankers’ Casino
In 1990, New York turned from a capitalist tool – providing capital for new ideas and new jobs – into a betting casino. The Bankers’ Casino cloaked themselves with obscure terms like derivatives, swaps, CDO’s and who knows how many more!

Greenspan was naïve; he said he trusted them. Buffett got it; he called these new products “Instruments of Financial Destruction”. For 20 years, money was taken out of productive enterprises and into the Bankers’ Casino – our national $6 trillion debt became $600 trillion of gambling chips.

When these casino geniuses made billions for their Wall Street firms, they got billions in bonuses. When they failed and screwed up the economy, you and me, the taxpayers, bailed them out.

They kept their bonuses – not one of them went to jail, and most didn’t even lose their jobs! And guess what? They are back to business as usual – we will bail them out again! They are getting $144 billion in bonuses! How is it that in the worst recession in decades, Wall Street investment houses and most major banks are making record billions in profits and bonuses?

Forget Casino regulations, the way the present government is thinking. NO CASINO – Either you invest in a company - or you don’t. NO hedging, NO endless insurance swaps – it is a bad business model.

Read Michael Lewis’ book, The Big Short. These Casinos are not “Too Big to Fail” rather, they don’t deserve to exist! They add no real value to America, and are not a necessary part of the economic system – they are more like its parasites - created just for a closed group of casino gamblers using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!

This was the biggest Ponzi scheme ever! And we are still buying the lie! Our economy needs the financial institutions to raise money for business and give credit to business as well as the public—we don’t need a Bankers’ Casino.

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