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Remote Overweight Alerts to Your Doctor

Technology is now being tested to automatically send information about a patient’s health to physicians. As your weight or blood pressure fluctuates, your physician will be notified through wireless devices of these changes.

UC San Diego Health System will be piloting remote patient monitoring technology created by Qualcomm Life, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies. The state-of-the-art patient monitoring platform, called 2net™ Platform and Hub, automatically collects patient information from wireless medical devices and sends it to physicians.

UC San Diego Health System is one of the first health system locations to use this pilot patient monitoring technology program, which extends care beyond the hospital to anywhere the patient is located. The platform especially benefits patients who need assistance in monitoring care but do not have any family members to help.

Patients in the program will be given kits with medical devices to measure body information — such as weight, blood pressure or blood glucose meter — that is collected with the 2net Hub, a gateway device that transmits the data to the platform.

So, watch that weight! There’s no hiding from the truth.

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