County Overcharged for Imported Water
On April 11, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California’s board of directors approved raising its “average” water rates by 5 percent in 2013 and another 5 percent in 2014.

MWD’s board voted down the alternative proposed by the San Diego County Water Authority that was more sensitive to water ratepayers. The Water Authority’s proposal called for reducing spending and capping average rate increases at no more than 3 percent per year for the next two years.

Southern California’s largest purveyor of potable water, MWD, is overcharging the San Diego County Water Authority, and exposing local ratepayers to tens of millions of dollars annually in disproportionate costs. The Water Authority alleges that overcharges contained in MWD’s rates would total $40 million this year and could climb to $2.1 billion by 2047.

These alleged overcharges are related to the MWD charging San Diego with costs that should be shared by all member agencies.

“By its vote, MWD’s board continues to spend more than is necessary to provide a safe and reliable water supply,” Water Authority Board Vice Chairman Thomas V. Wornham said in a press release.

Alan Stark
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