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“Internet Casanova” Arrested After Stealing From Thirty-Eight Women
By Hayley Bisceglia-Martin

An “Internet Casanova” who made his living seducing women — and then robbing them blind — is now facing charges for theft, after exploiting at least 38 different women across seven states.

Ray Holycross, 29, met women on online dating sites like and, often using fake names like Ray Cross and Ray Tompson.

Shortly after meeting them he would ask to move in on a temporary basis, saying that his hotel room had been robbed, or he was waiting for a new job to wire him money to relocate. He would stay with them for several months and then allegedly steal cash and valuables from his victims before moving on to a new city.

According to, a website dedicated to exposing online dating fraud, he is accused of exploiting women in Texas, Florida, Oregon and Michigan before finally being apprehended in Indiana on Feb. 21.

Theresa Bridegroom, the ex-girlfriend who put an end to his campaign, said she turned in “Ray Parris” to police when she discovered that he had stolen her Nikon camera and pawned it. In the process she discovered that he was accused of duping women across the country.

It is unclear what charges Holycross will face for his actions, if any, since online dating fraud is not technically against the law.

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