Advanced Style
By Ari Seth Cohen • 240 pages, $35

Anybody can don a fashionable outfit with glamour, elegance and sophistication. But it especially rings true for the ladies of Advanced Style who are over 60 years old. This full-colored lookbook is Ari Seth Cohen’s blog-based tribute to the confidence, beauty and fashion of stylish senior locales.

Cohen captures the street fashion of New York women who are relishing in their last years with style and poise. Alongside the shots of elder ladies wearing chic clothes and accessories, there are profiles, interviews and words of wisdom by those featured. The book also acts as a guide with an assortment of wardrobe outfits.

Inspired by his own grandmother’s sense of style, Cohen started his blog to highlight the admirable fashion of the energetic over-60 crowd who strut their own senses fashion. His message is clear: Embrace your age and fashion is not just a young woman’s undertaking.

A well-known blogger highlights the elder fashionistas of New York who continue to strut their unique clothing styles in their twilight years.
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