Local Artist Showcase
  • Surf from the Outside and Inside
    Internationally Known Photographer, Dave Frankel, Surfs Local Beaches with His Camera
  • Landscapes in Pastel
    Local artist Jeffrey Olsen Field is often found behind a canvas overlooking a scenic spot in San Diego.
  • Beaded Jewelry as Art:
    Beaded jewelry artist Nancy Lawson spends many hours creating striking and intricate necklaces, bracelets and table jewelry out of mostly natural stones and beads. She carefully weaves and embroiders exquisite beads with needle and fishing lines to craft wearable, long-lasting pieces.
  • Creating Elegant Succulent Arrangements
    At October’s La Jolla Art and Wine Festival, one very popular booth displayed living centerpieces and arrangements. What drew people to the booth were the beauty of the pieces, the affordable prices and the charming artist behind it all.
  • Captivating Images of San Diego
    Landscape and travel photographer Lee Sie captures the vibrant hues of iconic sceneries and also the less familiar gems of San Diego in his exhibit at the San Diego International Airport. His featured work at the “Chromatic Cityscape” exhibit is on display at the Commuter Terminal until February of next year.
  • Reflections in Glass
    Glass artist Deanne Sabeck creates luminous arches and patterns of soft, colored lights in her signature light sculptures and architectural glass installations.
  • Shelter Island Sculptures
    Shelter Island is known for its marina, public spaces, superyachts and coastal views. But it is also known for its unique art collection. Shelter Island is one of the many locations with public art displays across the shores of San Diego Bay.
  • Local Artist Exhibits Contemporary Paintings
    For the entire month of September, the Poway Center for the Performing Arts will exhibit the most recent works of renowned local artist Gary Walker, collectively called “Color Field,” on over 40 large-scale canvases.
  • The Lone Traveler
    "The word idyllic comes to mind about these pictures; a pastoral charm,” says Peter C. Bunnell, a professor emeritus of art at Yale University about British-born artist Michael Kenna.
  • “Fallen Star” Crashes the Stuart Collection
    Always expect the extraordinary from the Stuart Collection in La Jolla. The Stuart Collection commissions outdoor, site-specific artworks for UC San Diego’s 1,200-acre campus.
  • Grounded in Nature
    British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is responsible for the egg-shaped structure outside La Jolla's Museum of Contemporary Art. The artist creates these "cairns" in natural settings all over the world.
  • The Chinese Art Frenzy
    Who are the Chinese collectors shaking up the art world? An unlikely group of newly rich Chinese...
  • Victorian Art Fantasies
    Enjoy the sculptures created by Jeffrey Steorts—art which truly does not fit into any standard genre. After searching antique stores and garage sales to find metal fittings, fasteners, and objects, he begins to create intricate metal and wood sculptures which evoke a bygone era of Victorian and Medieval technology as well as Byzantine and Eastern spiritual symbols.
  • The Reckless Dragon
    Individual paintings are selling for nine figures. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on vases, desks and even bottles of wine.
  • Riding the wave
    To capture the look of light coming through the water, the spray as a surfer crests a wave, the soft focus of a beach’s sunny intensity—these take a deep knowledge of both the water and artistic techniques.
  • Places to Go, People to Paint
    A rtist Richard Warner, who lives and paints in La Jolla, got curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would put it, about his wife Mary Pat’s frequent references to “the boys.”
  • Artist Catherine Dzialo-Haller: "Just Work"
    Catherine Dzialo-Haller, who lives in Carmel Valley and paints at her harborfront studio in downtown’s Little Italy, has no patience for artists who say things like “I’m not in the mood to paint” or “I’m not inspired right now.”
  • Watercolors capture beauty of San Diego landscapes
    An artist who captured the beauty of the San Diego landscape was Rex Brandt, a major figure of California art in the mid-20th century.
  • Learning to swim
    Learn to swim” is both Maire Scharpegge’s motto in life and the advice she gives to friends and acquaintances who seek to attain the success she has had since she immigrated to the United States from the former East Germany 10 years ago.
  • Colorful, Dramatic, and Surreal:
    Inspired by fashion, outfitted with mediums of photography, jewelry design, and painting, local San Diego artist, Emily Criscuolo, uses an expressionistic style to create art for the walls as well as add color and individuality to jewelry, clothing, and handbags.
  • Quiet pots with a loud voice
    It seems like a paradoxical idea to try to render one of nature’s most fleeting forms in a hard, stone-like substance, but that is exactly what ceramic artist Eric Rempe does.
  • A Master of Resin Painting
    What could be more typically Southern California than the surf, sand, sunsets over the ocean, waves, ocean spray, wind, surfboards and maybe even a green flash at sunset? Nicholas Mirandon has captured the essence of our beach environment in the unique art form of resin painting.
  • An Art Form More Than 3,000 Years In The Making
    Imagine a painting where every brushstroke is a piece of polished stone, glazed porcelain, or translucent glass—a finely detailed work of art that can withstand the tests of time and weather.
  • California Impressionist
    Early morning and late afternoon, when the light streams sideways and the shadows are long, for artist Joli Beal, these are the times of day to paint. Beal, who lives in Del Mar, is a plein air painter, “plein” being a French word meaning open air.